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Washington County to upgrade jail security system

The Washington County Board approved a $1.5 million expense last week to upgrade the jail security system.

The system at the Stillwater facility was originally installed in 1992 and has reached the end of its life span, Washington County Sheriff Bill Hutton said.

The sheriff’s office is able to successfully operate the facility. However, Hutton said, it’s an inefficient process resulting in increased expenses and exposing officers to risks and liabilities.

“Technology is obviously more advanced and we need to make sure that we have the appropriate and adequate technology and security in place that would protect not only the inmates but more importantly the staff,” he said.

The county will work with a consultant over the next few months to figure out the layout, identify areas of improvement and begin the implementation process.

“There is money involved and we have to make sure that we are being appropriate and as efficient as we can,” Hutton said.

The project is a collaboration between the sheriff’s office, public works and information technology.

The Washington County Board approved a contract with Elert and Associates Feb. 11 to complete the design and construction of the security and closed-circuit television systems.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.