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Cottage Grove Sprint store robbed, three phones stolen

While many shoppers in Cottage Grove lined up early Thursday evening to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving Day bargains, vandals took a different approach at the Sprint store by using a rock.

Shortly before 6 p.m., an alarm was triggered at the cellular phone store located at 7145 East Point Douglas Road after an unknown number of persons broke in and stole three phones. 

"The front door glass was broken with a rock and the person grabbed a three-cellphone display," Cottage Grove police Capt. Pete Koerner said Friday. "They grabbed those and went over to the register and rummaged through a cabinet."

It is unknown if the vandal or vandals entered the cash register. Koerner said the manager of the store was checking the store's inventory to get an estimate the damage.

Representatives for the store declined to comment.

The Cottage Grove Police Department received the surveillance video from the incident and will be reviewing it.

"It's such a strange time when everything else was going on and other stores were opening," Koerner said. "It's not a time you'd really expect someone to break into a store."

Koerner added that it might be possible for the company to track down the stolen phones by the serial numbers.

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