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Cottage Grove’s West Draw bike park closed for season

Area mountain bicyclists and residents should not be entering the half-constructed Cottage Grove Bike Park in West Draw Park as it is closed for the season.

“(The) tentative plan is that the park will remain closed until after the spring thaw and the park dries out,” said Chance Glasford, local BMX rider and bike park lead.

After vandals repeatedly broke into the park, tore up tracks and cut temporary fencing, Glasford said the public needs a reminder to stay out until construction is complete.

“The city will not open the park until they have installed all of the perimeter split-rail fencing, signage and finished the landscaping,” he added.

With winter fast approaching, Glasford said it is imperative to stay off the tracks as the freeze and thaw cycle of winter can be extremely damaging to the tracks, especially if people are riding on them.

“By not riding the track in the fall when the track is wet or in the freeze and thaw cycle will allow the park to go into the winter in the best shape possible, which will minimize the damage caused by the snow melt,” Glasford wrote on the bike park’s Facebook page.

Despite the park being closed, volunteers may be seen repairing tracks and fencing during the next couple of weeks. If suspicious activity is seen at the bike park, witnesses are asked to call the Cottage Grove Police Department at 651-439-9381.

Construction on the two-acre bike park began in the spring when area volunteers and bike enthusiasts paired up with the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists association.

When the park re-opens in the spring, it is expected to have several pump tracks for all skill levels, a tot track for young riders and a skills area.