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Cottage Grove police brief: Underage party busted after loud music report

The party ended early for some underage drinkers.

Police were called shortly after midnight Sept. 22 on a report of a loud party in the 6600 block of Pine Crest Trail in Cottage Grove.

When police arrived, they saw a female outside and numerous people inside the home. Officers were allowed in. They cited 13 people who were between age 18 and 20 for minor consumption. A 17-year-old also was ticketed for underage drinking.

Three Cottage Grove males — two are 19, one is 20 — were cited for violating the city’s social host ordinance.

The party goers were from Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park, St. Paul, Burnsville, Minneapolis, Fountain Valley, Calif., and Oshkosh and Onalaska, Wis.

—Scott Wente