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Cash stolen, later found amid string of Cottage Grove vehicle break-ins

Thieves recently targeted vehicles in a Cottage Grove neighborhood.

Police took multiple reports of vehicle tampering and theft the morning of Sept. 20.

One homeowner in the 9400 block of Jarrod Avenue reported that a vehicle was entered and miscellaneous change was stolen.

Another caller told police that vehicles in the 9100 block of Hillside Trail were entered while they were parked in the garage. A coin pouch containing $420 cash was stolen, along with an iPod valued at $300 and a credit card.

The cash and credit card stolen from Hillside Trail were found in a vehicle that had been rummaged through in the 8600 block of Jenner Lane. Nothing was reported stolen from the vehicle on Jenner Lane.

There was a report that a vehicle was rummaged through in the 9700 block of Hillside Trail, but details were not immediately available.

-Scott Wente