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Newport police brief: Man has motel outburst after swapping 'Your mama' jokes

Police were looking for a St. Paul man who allegedly assaulted a woman and damaged a motel room Jan. 11 in Newport after they had told "Your mama" jokes.

A Newport woman told police she and the man went to St. Paul Park for dinner and drinks and then returned to their room at the Red Rock Lodge, 1280 Hastings Ave. They were in bed joking with each other when they started telling "Your mama..." jokes, the report said.

The man suddenly jumped out of bed and began to destroy the motel room. He then wrestled with the woman, injuring her arm, before jumping out of a window and driving away, according to the report. The woman said the man had used methamphetamine in the past but she did not think he was using at the time.

There was no immediate arrest.

-Scott Wente