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Slain family 'would do anything for you'

A Cottage Grove woman pleaded for her life as her brother allegedly shot and killed three other family members, all of Cottage Grove, in a deadly family dispute last week in St. Paul.

Patrick McHugh, 55, of St. Paul, was arraigned Monday in Ramsey County District Court on three charges of second-degree murder and one charge of attempted second-degree murder after police allege he shot and killed his sister, Mary McHugh Malicki, 58, her husband, Clyde Malicki, 58, and their daughter, Kristy Malicki, 33, and wounded another sister, Kathleen McHugh Dorgan, 56, also of Cottage Grove.

According to the Ramsey County District Court criminal complaint, McHugh returned to the Highland Park home he shared with their 80-year-old mother as the four shooting victims were sitting down to dinner and ordered them out of the house. "I'm sorry I have to do this," he told them, according to the complaint, before shooting each of them.

Dorgan told St. Paul police she ran to the kitchen to escape and told her brother, "Don't shoot me. Please don't shoot me."

McHugh opened fire, wounding Dorgan in the cheek and neck. She played dead, waiting for her brother to leave the house before calling 911.

McHugh was arrested shortly after the shooting. He told police, "I did it, I did it, I just snapped, my life is over," according to the complaint.

For 25 years, Dara Tucci and her family lived across the street from the Malickis on quiet Ingleside Avenue in Cottage Grove.

"I think if you could special order friends or neighbors they'd be at the top of the list," she said.

Tucci described her friends of more than two decades as outgoing and friendly. The Malickis were people who prioritized family over all else, she said, and "would do anything for you."

"We admired their idea of how to raise a family," Tucci said.

The Malickis had struggled through a series of recent setbacks, Tucci said, including a massive stroke that Mary's mother suffered early this year, as well as diabetes diagnoses for each of the three family members and the loss of Clyde's job.

According to the complaint, Dorgan and Mary Malicki had been at the Highland Park home on Friday caring for their mother when Clyde and Kristy Malicki brought them dinner.

"I think words are inadequate," Tucci said. "(I'm) in shock, (I'm) really not believing that something like this could happen to three of the best people who were only doing what they do -- they take care of their family."

McHugh's next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 2.

"I look out the window now at their house," Tucci said, "and I still see them doing their yard work, you know? (I'll miss) just the hello across the street."