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Cottage Grove ‘wholistic’ clinic blends modern, alternative practices

Whole Health Center co-owners Tammy McGinn (left) and Dr. Beth Kolling have opened their own clinic and provide clients with a wide variety of massage and chiropractic care. McGinn is a certified massage therapist and Kolling has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a chiropractic doctorate degree. (Bulletin photo by Emily Buss)1 / 2
Dr. Beth Kolling performs a common back adjustment on a patient during a recent chiropractic visit. Kolling is skilled in a variety of chiropractic methods including physical adjustments and ultrasound therapy. (Bulletin photo by Emily Buss)2 / 2

Alternative medicine is a growing trend across the country that offers patients more natural methods of treatment instead of or in conjunction with modern health care remedies.

Medically-focused massages, acupuncture and specialized chiropractic treatments can be recommended to those with sports injuries, migraines, anxiety, even hospice and cancer patients.

Putting their knowledge of both Western medicine and Eastern holistic health practices to use, longtime friends Tammy McGinn and Dr. Beth Kolling have opened Whole Health Center in Cottage Grove. Their intent is to provide patients with more options for recovery.

“We both had a vision of creating a space that was really patient-driven, where we respected each individual and helped them focus on their own health and wellness,” said McGinn, a licensed massage therapist.

McGinn and Kolling began working alongside one another several years ago, when both were recently graduated professionals. Kolling added lead physician to her resume and McGinn built a strong following of clients as a lead massage therapist before becoming an adjunct instructor in the massage therapy department at Globe University in Woodbury.

Over the years, McGinn and Kolling said their experience working with various clients in different offices in and around south Washington County helped them acquire a business plan. And with roots in Cottage Grove, they said they are excited to be back.

“I think we wanted to get our foot in the door with our careers before owning our own clinic,” McGinn said. “It definitely gave me more experience and knowledge about running a business.”

Whole Health Center is located in a 1,140-square-foot suite in the strip mall next to Menards on East Point Douglas Road, which Kolling said used to be a Pizza Man. The center occupies the last remaining open suite in the mall.

Combining treatments, better results

For most people, a trip to the doctor’s office is often the result of an injury or illness. McGinn said it’s common for people to treat an ailment following its discovery. But from a holistic health standpoint, she said prevention is a better method.

“We want to help our patients recover from an injury or illness, but then we also want to educate them on practices to prevent it from happening again,” she said.

As a licensed massage therapist, McGinn has studied both Western and Eastern methods. Trained in more than 10 massage and bodywork modalities, she is able to, for example, incorporate deep tissue massage with the more intense Thai massage that uses the entire body. Whether clients are scheduling appointments for relaxation or recovery, she said her work focuses on making clients feel better.

“They are so grateful for what you do after a massage, some don’t realize there was pain until after I’m able to get rid of it,” McGinn said. “It’s the feeling they get when they take care of themselves. When our clients leave, we want them to feel their best. Period.”

Massage therapy sessions often end with the patient meeting immediately with Dr. Kolling for a chiropractic adjustment. The two combined methods of treatment, Kolling said, provide for a longer lasting benefit.

Kolling also works with a number of patients recovering from accidents, injuries or experiencing tight muscles.

“When I do therapy rehab with someone we use a lot of different things like exercise balls, therapy bands and the ultrasound (machine),” Kolling said.

Therapeutic ultrasound sessions are particularly beneficial for tight muscles as the high frequency sound waves stimulate the tissue beneath the skin.

“It actually produces heat under the skin and helps increase blood flow,” Kolling said. “We use it a lot on patients who have sprained ankles or those in need of tissue repair.”

The suite also has available two private exam rooms that also double as quiet massage rooms, and two open spaces for other therapies and adjustments.

“When you combine the massage and the chiropractic visits, you feel better longer,” Kolling said.

Whole Health Center clients have access to a wide variety of bodywork services. McGinn knows practices in a number of modalities including Swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, sports massage and oncology massage. She is also trained in reflexology, aromatherapy and neuromuscular reeducation. Her specialties are Thai massage and prenatal, birthing and postpartum massage.

Currently the clinic does not perform acupuncture but it could be included as a service in the future.

Kolling uses her chiropractic background to treat patients with neck and back pain, sciatica, extremity joint pain, headaches and vertebral disc issues.

For a full list of services available, hours of operation or more information about Whole Health Center, visit

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for Whole Health Center will be held at 11:30 a.m. Monday, July 14. It is located at 8800 East Point Douglas Road, suite 500.