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Cottage Grove's Hollywood Video building renovations halted; restaurant plans in limbo

Earlier this year, crews began to rehab the vacant Hollywood Video site at the intersection of 80th Street and East Point Douglas Road in preparation for Chipotle and Noodes & Company. However, the apparent discovery of mold has halted the project. (Bulletin file photo)

Renovations at the vacant Hollywood Video site in Cottage Grove ahead of prospective new restaurant openings have stalled after the apparent discovery of mold.

During the city’s recent all-commission meeting, news of the building’s situation was made public, including the possibility of it being razed.

Crews planned to divide the building, which has been sitting vacant for a few years, into three spaces earlier this year to prepare for the arrival of Chipotle and Noodles & Company, along with an unnamed third tenant.

Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey said in an interview last week that the building’s realtor, Dave Carland, had talked about razing, relocating and reconfiguring the site in light of the mold issue.

“I mean, you can’t serve food inside a building that has mold,” Bailey said.

Bailey said Carland might reposition the building near the sidewalk on East Point Douglas Road and face the entrances toward the adjacent building that includes Starbucks.

Other possibilities, he said, would be adding space for a fourth tenant. While he declined to disclose who the prospective tenants besides Chipotle and Noodles & Company, Bailey said a dentist’s office and pizza company are in talks with Carland.

Carland declined to comment on the current state of the project but said he is working with contractors to create a plan and expects to be moving forward soon.