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Cottage Grove Taco Bell, Burger King locations to renovate

As a number of commercial projects are under way in Cottage Grove, aesthetics is on the minds of two local fast food establishments.

Taco Bell and Burger King, both located on East Point Douglas Road near Jamaica Avenue, have proposed giving their sites a makeover.

“Both upgrades were reported to be geared toward the corporate facade improvements that have occurred elsewhere in the region,” Cottage Grove Senior Planner John Burbank said.

Burger King, which introduced its new “20/20” design plan several years ago, is looking to revamp the image of its properties, many of which have had the same look for two decades.

According to preliminary plans, the chain burger joint is expected to update its exterior and resurface the parking lot.

Owners of Taco Bell locations across the nation are also investing in a new modern look for the 50-year-old brand. Plans for the local store include both an exterior and interior remodel and resurfacing of its parking lot.

“In both cases we’ll be looking for the applicants to meet the city’s current architectural requirements that are found in city code,” Burbank said.

Burbank said neither property has secured building permits yet, so it’s not known when the projects will move forward.