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Cottage Grove dentist buys All Smiles branch

A recent merger of two local dental practices in Cottage Grove has expanded oral hygiene services to clients of All Smiles Dentistry.

Earlier this month, Dr. Colleen Israelson, formerly of Israelson Family Dentistry, purchased All Smiles Dentistry, 7501 80th St. She will work alongside licensed dentist John Norton, who founded the All Smiles Dentistry practice four decades ago.

Israelson, who has been a dentist for the last 23 years, was looking to expand her Hadley Avenue practice when she came across the All Smiles Dentistry branch.

She began running the office Feb. 1.

While many stress about visiting the dentist, Israelson said she always enjoyed her regular teeth cleanings and was also curious about the science behind it.

“I didn’t grow up wanting to be a dentist,” she admitted. “But I did take an interest in the field in college. I found myself always watching the dentist, wondering what this tool does or what that tool did.”

Her interest translated well into the classroom and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree followed by a doctor of dental surgery degree, both from the University of Minnesota.

In 2007, Israelson opened her first practice in Cottage Grove where she specialized in family dentistry.

“We saw the whole family and worked on all ages,” she said. “It was general dentistry work.”

As her skillset grew, so did her clientele. And earlier this month, she purchased All Smiles Dentistry, adding even more patients to her rolodex and more space to work.

“The new space is double the size,” she said. “At the old office I only had three chairs. Now I have seven.”

While she continues to specialize in general family dentistry, Dr. Norton focuses on specialty areas like orthodontics, temporomandibular joint disorders and sleep apnea.

The clinic employs two dental hygienists and two dental assistants.

All Smiles Dentistry is open Monday through Friday with varied hours.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the website