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Cottage Grove garbage hauling ordinance amended

In the wake of a recent debate regarding the number of contracted trash haulers within the city of Cottage Grove, the City Council voted 4-1 to clarify its ordinance to better explain why the three hauler limit has been reached.

Late last year, a metro-area trash hauling company tried to apply for a hauling license but was stonewalled after the city said it already had three haulers, the maximum under city ordinance.

However, City Council member Derrick Lehrke, who voted against the ordinance amendment, said two of the three haulers were actually one conglomerate, sparking a debate over just how many haulers Cottage Grove had.

The existing ordinance, the Planning Commission said, is being misinterpreted and collectors are still applying for licenses even though the city is capped out. It read that if a hauler is able to secure 200 accounts, a license may be granted.

But in an effort to emphasize the three hauler limit, the phrase “even if issuance of said license brings the total number of licenses issued to more than three” was removed and replaced with “provided it does not exceed the maximum number of licenses allowed.”

The ordinance still requires the licensee to adhere to all other requirements included in the city code.