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Ambulance runs, traffic court


Thursday: Walt Doose from Fairview Red Wing Medical Center to Hi-Park Care Center, 10:53 a.m.; Patricia Johnson from hospital to St. Marys Hospital, Rochester, 11:20 a.m.; Margaret Pirius from 1845 S. Park St. to Red Wing Health Center, 4:05 p.m.; Samantha Elander from Welch Village Ski Area to Fairview Red Wing Medical Center, 8:19 p.m.

Today: Kevin Hoffman from S.B. Foot Tanning Co. to hospital, 1:19 a.m.


The following cases of area residents were processed in Goodhue County District Court. Fines do not necessarily include surcharges or other fees imposed by the court.

Jan. 27: Kimberly McDeid, 418 W. Third St., speeding (82-55), $100; Tiffany Tieman, rural Red Wing, DWI, $110; Eileen Trelstad, Pine Island, speeding (89-65), $45; Charles Zupfer, Zumbrota, fail to yield, accident, stay imposition of sentence one year, restitution out of pocket; La Vang, 312 Bush St., no proof insurance, continued one year for dismissal; Christopher Conrad, Goodhue, speeding (79-55), $70; Chris Estrem, Wanamingo, illegal consumption, continued six months for dismissal; Wesley Freiberg, Wanamingo, stop sign, continued six months for dismissal; Carrie Kokkeler, Cannon Falls, DWI, $150, chemical dependency evaluation; Mathew Lindell, Cannon Falls, speeding (50-30), $70; Timothy Ludwig, Cannon Falls, DWI, $110, MADD and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Lynda Sack, Cannon Falls, no insurance, continued six months for dismissal; Kimberly McDeid, 418 W. Third St., speeding (69-50), $60; Bruce Place, 2217 Hay Creek Trail, expired registration, $20; Arlen Diercks, 2681 Southview Ridge, storage, separation, deposit, collection and disposal of refuse, $430 restitution; Janette Daubige, Goodhue, false insurance information, continued six months for dismissal.

Dismissals: Willis Burleigh Jr., Cannon Falls, no current proof insurance; Justin Revland, Cannon Falls, no proof insurance.