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Ambulance runs, traffic court


Tuesday: Eugene Ryan from Fairview Seminary Home to Fairview Red Wing Medical Center, 11:15 a.m.; Hazel Wells from hospital to 1836 Wiobata St., 12:14 p.m.; John Schwartau from hospital to Fairview University Medical Center, 12:15 p.m.; Eugene Ryan from hospital to Fairview Seminary Home, 1:43 p.m.; Della Ekstrom from Hi Park Care Center to hospital, 6:29 p.m.; Rex Scully from hospital to Hennepin County Medical Center, 8:04 p.m.; Carole Schire from Treasure Island Casino to hospital, 10:43 p.m.

Today: Michael McMillan from 2622 Malmquist Ave. to hospital, 1:50 a.m.


The following cases of area residents were processed in Goodhue County District Court. Fines do not necessarily include surcharges or other fees imposed by the court.

Jan. 23: Stanley Grabowski, Kenyon, speeding (64-55), $55; Farra Owens, Lake City, speeding (76-55), seat belt, $90; Kyle Prall, 528 E. Seventh St., speeding (72-55), $55; Amanda Sturges, 521 Maple St., seat belt, $25; Shannon Till-Gentry, 307 W. Third St., seat belt, $25; Margaret Wolfe, Lake City, speeding (64-55), $45; Ashley Plonsky, Cannon Falls, continued six months for dismissal, $180; Matthew Benson, Bellechester, speeding (74-55), $60; Shaun Bork, Wanamingo, speeding (72-55), $60; Sue Goodley, Wanamingo, speeding (72-55), $50; Ryan Heesch, 2243 Brooks Ave., speeding (70-55), $60; Ross Hoeft, 1321 East Ave., speeding (65-55), $40; Linsay Wallin, 1133 Sturtevant St., speeding (69-55), $50; Dexter Benway, Lake City, no mufflers, $30; Todd Christianson Jr., Hager City, speeding (49-30), $60; Michael Nord, Zumbrota, driving after suspension, continued to July 23, 2003 for dismissal.

Jan. 24: Scott Abraham, Lake City, speeding (71-55), $55; Ricky Andrist, Pine Island, illegal window tint, $45; Luke Berndt, River Falls, drug paraphernalia, $45; Robin Bezdichek, rural Red Wing, speeding (71-55), $55; Nicholas Evert, Wanamingo, expired registration, $15; George Grajkowski, Ellsworth, fail to drive with due care, $60, restitution out of pocket; Marie Meyer, Zumbrota, speeding (64-55), $45; Stephen Staege, 2118 Pioneer Road, speeding (70-55), seat belt, $80; Sandra Struckman, Pine Island, speeding (80-55), $65; Donald Alden, Pine Island, right of way, $70, restitution out of pocket; Jessica Beavers, Cannon Falls, speeding (75-55), $60; Mark Birtzer, Lake City, speeding (73-55), $60; Kiley Clementson, Pine Island, illegal consumption, $100; Stacy Erstad, Cannon Falls, speeding (79-65), $50; Todd Gadient, 1623 Siewert St., speeding (78-55), $70; David Gronseth, Pine Island, seat belt, drug paraphernalia, $75; Jenna Helder, Pine Island, illegal consumption, $100; Jed Illg, 407 E. Seventh St., owner open bottle, $60; Alan Lodermeier, Goodhue, speeding (75-55), $60; Brandon Neperud, Cannon Falls, speeding (70-55), $50; Robert Prior, Goodhue, speeding (72-55), $60; Craig Reed, 322 Franklin St., speeding (65-55), $40; Kelly Steberg, Wanamingo, speeding (40-30), $40; Eve Stone, rural Red Wing, expired registration, $20; Mitchell Huneke, Goodhue, zero tolerance, continued one year for dismissal; John Kvittem, Wanamingo, hit and run, $100; Steven Noble, Cannon Falls, stop sign, $50; Jeffrey Prigge, Lake City, open pool without authority, $70; David Engberg, 459 14th St., careless driving, $20; Nathaniel Nelson, Bay City, sell tobacco to minor, $60; Quenton Owen, 1427 12th St., speeding (43-30), $50; Gene Robinson, 461 16th St., school bus arm, $60, stay imposition one year; Peter von Haaren, 1862 W. Sixth St., inattentive driving, $60, restitution out of pocket; Seth Wasmund, 1690 Bluebird Lane, drug paraphernalia, marijuana, $100; Melvalene Wegerer, Ellsworth, sell tobacco to minor, $60, stay imposition of sentence one year; Jesse Ferguson, Goodhue, speeding (79-55), $70; Charles Wichser, Cannon Falls, speeding (44-30), $50.

Dismissals: Wade Jackson, 1158 Maple St., expired registration, continued six months for dismissal; Amber Hall, Wanamingo, dishonored check, restitution paid.