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Editorial: Winter survival lies in rest

Winter is here in full swing, and for high schoolers, it doesn't just mean cold weather and bad roads. This is the time of year where many students are starting to feel the stress of the school year.

The few days that we get to enjoy off of school during dismal season are looked forward to with great anticipation and relief.

Unfortunately, due to the strike that the education community experienced this year, many days scheduled as breaks were re-entered into the school calendar. As a result, we can only dream of snow days until that wonderful day when spring break begins.

For those of you out there who have an everyday "9 to 5" job, this may seem like no big deal. But being a high school student doesn't just mean attending school from 7:45 until 2:15. For the students involved in sports, practice can go until 5 every day, not even considering the away games, where at times it could mean arriving home 10 or 11 at night.

For those involved in extra-curricular activities, your schedule often requires early morning meetings and after school practices as well. Plus, many high school students have after school jobs. When you finally get the chance to come home and relax, there's your homework sitting in front of you. Needless to say, three straight months of this can really wear you out.

So, what can students do in order to survive until April 16?

Take advantage of opportunities to go out and just have fun without having to worry about grades, homework, scholarship applications, or the five page paper that's due next week.

Another suggestion for survival would be a full night's rest. There are some high schoolers who feel they are exempt from the basic need of rest. You can always tell if a student didn't sleep much the night before due to the notebook imprint on their face where they fell asleep during class.

It will be a long 12 weeks before we get a mere four days out of the classroom, but with good time management, sleep, and going out and having fun when you can, students will come out just fine. There are two words on everyone's mind right now: Snow day!!