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Hit the slopes

Have you ever been bored during the winter season? Well, you might want to look into skiing as a pastime. If you've never skied before, now would be a good time to start.

It is recommended to rent skis the first couple of times to see if you really like it. That way you won't end up wasting your money if you don't enjoy it.

Lessons can be pricey, so if you can, ask a friend to teach you. Skiing and snowboarding might seem really hard at first, and at times you may feel the urge to quit. Don't worry, it is quite simple once you get the hang of it. According to junior Liz Lieder, " Skiing is a great stress reliever during this time of year."

Once you hit the slopes, just follow some of these simple rules that will help you maneuver the slopes. First off, wear goggles! Goggles help to prevent your eyes from watering when you are going down the run - clear vision is a very important part of skiing. They are also keep your face warmer.

Follow this simple chair lift etiquette by not rocking the chair lift. Be careful when getting on and off, and stay on the chair lift the entire time, instead of jumping off as some rambunctious kids do.

Now for the obvious rule, take it slow when you start by going down the easiest runs first. All skiers are a little shaky whenever they start, so save the black diamonds for later.

If you decide that skiing is something you enjoy, we recommend going straight out and buying a season pass. It will be cheaper to buy your pass in March before the winter season that you want to ski in. We recommend going to Welch Village because of the variety of hills.

After you become a more advanced skier, you can take skiing to higher levels. Here are a few examples: skiing backwards off of jumps, going off jumps and doing flips or spins, going down moguls, tricks in the pipe, or going big mountain skiing out west in Wyoming or Colorado.

When it's time to go nuts, it is time to go nuts. However, if you decide to do these advanced skiing tricks, play it safe on a regular basis. Also, if you're doing jumps, wear a helmet, and make sure you have a relative in orthopedic surgery, because it is expensive to get hurt. Take our advice, it is not fun to be injured and laid up while watching your friends come in from great skiing days.

However, don't be scared by our injuries, we weren't being safe enough. So take that as a lesson!

Get out there and ski, and have a great time doing it.