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Traffic court


The following cases of area residents were processed in Goodhue County District Court. Fines do not necessarily include surcharges or other fees imposed by the court.

Jan. 7: Mary Kennedy, Wanamingo, speeding (82-65), $55; Jarame Schultz, Zumbrota, seat belt, $25; Dean Bork, Wanamingo, speeding (64-55), $40; George Hodkinson, Wanamingo, seat belt, $25; Karen Hodkinson, Wanamingo, seat belt, $25; Eric LaCanne, Kenyon, speeding (69-55), $50; Daniel Pate, Dennison, speeding (64-55), $50; Frederick Presley, Goodhue, speeding (85-55), $100; Shirley Scherer, 1520 West Fifth St., speeding (65-55), $40; Gail Schmit, Lake City, speeding (65-55), $40; Greg Johnson, Cannon Falls, speeding (45-30), $60; Katie Mallet, Cannon Falls, speeding (43-30), $50; Jamie Sleight, 107 Eighth St., driving after cancellation, $30, continued six months for dismissal.

Dismissals: David Tynjala, Lake City, two counts dishonored check.

Jan. 8: Jessica Conrad, Zumbrota, seat belt, $25; Raymond Conrad, Goodhue, speeding (69-55), $50; Kenneth Daley, Welch, speeding (64-50), $50; Anthony Elias, Cannon Falls, careless driving, $100; Carol Young, Zumbrota, speeding (40-30), seat belt, $65; Andrew Kodada, Cannon Falls, passenger illegal consumption, $100.

Dismissals: Dustin Carpenter, Welch, no proof insurance.

Jan. 9: Christopher Chandler, 455 W. 15th St., drive on closed road, $25; Bradley Peters, Goodhue, seat belt, $25; Shawn Bork, Cannon Falls, speeding (64-55), $40; Seth Hayes, Goodhue, speeding (82-55), $100; Marcus Mancilman, Pine Island, seat belt, $25; Lindsay Schroeder, Hager City, speeding (64-55), $100; Katherine Bergan, 302 East Seventh St., expired tabs, continued six months for dismissal; Aisha Hosein, 2488 Malmquist Ave., speeding (43-30), $50.

Dismissals: Andrew Smith, Pine Island, illegal tint.