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Peterson to run for re-election

Washington County Commissioner Myra Peterson said she'll seek re-election in 2010.

Peterson said this morning that experience is needed on the county board as commissioners continue to grapple with the effects of a bad economy.

"The budget challenges are so significant," she said.

Peterson said she also wants to continue working on transportation issues.

If the economy were in better shape, she may have retired when her term ends next year, Peterson said. She said she announced her re-election plan to clear up rumors about her future on the board.

Peterson was first elected to the board in 1993 and has won re-election four times. She represents Cottage Grove and southern Washington County communities.

Peterson will be seeking a four-year term in the 2010 election, but redistricting that will follow next year's U.S. census may trigger another election in 2012, she said. That, too, would be for a four-year term. Peterson said she has not decided whether she would run again in 2012.

"Time will tell," she said.