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Thieves stole $50K in equipment from church

Police found the stolen trailer in St. Paul, but as much as $50,000 in equipment and other goods was missing, said Pastor Trent Redmann of Valley Creek Church.1 / 2
Valley Creek Church members still found a way to worship Sunday, March 15, despite the fact that much of the congregations equipment used for its services was stolen the night before.2 / 2

Leaders of a church in Woodbury discovered Sunday morning that a trailer it uses to store nearly $50,000 of electronic equipment was stolen.

Woodbury police are in the early stages of investigating the incident, public safety officials said Monday morning.

Valley Creek Church rents worship space each Sunday at Central Park. The church stores electronic equipment for its service in a trailer that it parks at another church's parking lot near the south end of town. Church leaders believe the trailer was stolen sometime overnight Saturday or early Sunday.

Police later found the trailer in St. Paul. It was missing all of the electronic equipment.

More to come on this incident