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Quiet hero stops to help pregnant woman

How many people would stop to help a distressed driver whose vehicle is pulled up against the middle barrier in the fast lane of Interstate 494 near the Lake Road exit?

Brian Rumpca of Cottage Grove stopped, parked, turned on his flashers and walked back to investigate.

"I wasn't sure what I would find, but I'm glad there wasn't much wrong," said Rumpca, who was headed to Woodbury on a job-related trip. He has worked 10 years for the St. Paul Park Public Works Department.

Rumpca was two cars behind a woman's Tahoe in the right lane, when he saw her gently bump the right rear fender of a pickup truck on the left.

Her vehicle then drifted left, scraped along the middle barrier before coming to a stop, according to Rumpca.

"Someone was in trouble," he said. "The two drivers in front of me just drove around. No one stopped."

Rumpca parked his St. Paul Park Public Works vehicle in front of the Tahoe, turned on his flashers, and walked back. He found a pregnant woman passed out in the front seat, and proceeded to call 911.

"She began to come around but didn't remember anything that had happened, didn't understand why she was stopped in the fast lane, and was very concerned about her baby," Rumpca said. "She kept asking me if she had hit something hard, or been jerked around.

"I kept reassuring her until the highway patrol, Woodbury police and an ambulance arrived to help."

In recognition of his help, Rumpca received the Good Samaritan Award from the St. Paul Park City Council.