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Three streets to be rebuilt in Newport

Fifth and 10th avenues and 11th Street will be repaved this summer. (Submitted photo)

From May to September, 10th and Fifth avenues, along with 11th Street, will undergo full street and utility reconstruction.

Work will take place on 10th Avenue south of 12th Street to the dead end; Fifth Avenue from 12th Street to its end at 11th Street; and 11th Street from Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue.

The three streets will undergo full repaving and utility reconstruction, including water main, sanitary sewer and stormwater.

City engineer Jon Herdegen said there have been "a number of water main breaks in that area," so new lines are necessary. The water mains will be increased from 6- to 10-inches wide.

Herdegen said they will also remove the trench drains along 10th Avenue.

While working in the area, stormwater grading and utilities will be added to the old public works site to prepare for redevelopment.

"We wanted to come up with stormwater solutions before doing something in that area," Herdegen said. "Those will become more attractive lots."

The Newport City Council decided to rename the old public works site the Perkins Addition at the March 2 City Council meeting.

Some Fourth Avenue restoration work will be wrapped into the project as well.

The estimated total project cost is $1.35 million. The cost of assessments is estimated at $7,500 per homeowner, and includes the pavement management and water and sewer utility replacement costs.

One and only one-way

The homes are close together and 11th Street is very narrow, and may have to be changed to a one-way street during improvements, Herdegen said. It will be about 550 feet of one-way traffic, from Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue.

There are currently no one-way streets in Newport.

The possibility will be discussed by the City Council and at the assessment hearing. There is not a date set for the hearing at this time.