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Small screen thriller shot in Cottage Grove area

Minnesota native Joey Pollari portrays a deranged teen in the new thriller "Profile of a Killer," set in northern Minnesota. The majority of the scenes were filmed in Cottage Grove and Hastings. Submitted photo

The latest thriller in area theaters has audiences captivated and local residents recognizing the backdrop.

For only one more night, those in need of a good scare can catch the psychological thriller "Profile of a Killer," which filmed several scenes in Cottage Grove, at theaters in Hastings and Oakdale.

Set on Highway 61 in northern Minnesota, "Profile of a Killer" is a terrifying journey into the acts of a young sociopath named David, played by Joey Pollari, who scatters his victims throughout the county and takes the FBI on a rollercoaster of mind games.

Producer and Roseville native Jasmine Reid used her familiar surroundings as the backdrop to the movie, and with the help of Cottage Grove resident Anna Klemmensen, included some well-known Cottage Grove locations.

Klemmensen, a longtime local resident, is a job placer by day and was a first-time location scout by night during filming. "I know Washington County like the back of my hand."

Her keen insight to the area landed the filming crew on the steps of an abandoned house conveniently located right in front of an abandoned church. The location, set on 90th Street just off Jamaica Avenue, was the perfect setting for the twisted movie plot.

"This is the story of a young teenager who is killing people quite terribly," Klemmensen said. "It's just totally cold-blooded."

The intense screenplay was crafted by Hollywood writer Caspian Tredwell-Owen, who is credited for writing "Beyond Borders" in 2003 and "The Island" in 2005. Alongside Tredwell-Owen was Klemmensen's brother-in-law Robert Baldacci.

Baldacci, a Woodbury resident, was named a co-producer of the film and art consultant.

"He's extremely talented," Klemmensen said. "Rob and Caspian have been friends for years and they decided to make a movie here in Minnesota."

The film, which debuted at a European film festival, recently made its way to Washington County and other cities around the metro, and has been met with raving reviews. Since coming back to the states, the movie is now playing in theaters across North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Recently, a Brooklyn Center theater requested an extra two weeks.

"The night the movie opened, it came in at the third spot for ticket sales," Klemmensen said. "Even next to all the big movies that were out. This is a grassroots project and I think that appeals to the viewers. People are curious."

"Profile of a Killer" is currently in its last week of showings at the Hastings and Oakdale theaters. Once it leaves the south Washington County theaters, it's unclear where it will go from there. But, Klemmensen said she hopes the story of David and his inner struggle continues to spread.

"I'm hoping we can take this film to as many places as we can," Klemmensen said. "There was a lot of work behind this film and the producers were just amazing. There is so much talent here in Minnesota and I'm just so happy that we could bring this film home."

For more information about "Profile of a Killer," visit the website.

If you go

"Profile of a Killer" is showing for one more night at Marcus Theaters in Oakdale and Hastings. In Hastings, showtime is 9:50 p.m. on Thursday. In Oakdale, showtime is 9:55 p.m. Thursday.