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Cottage Grove chicken ordinance vote expected May 15

After more than five months of discussion, the Cottage Grove City Council has yet again postponed a vote regarding the urban fowl ordinance.

The council was expected to take a final vote at its May 1 meeting but the topic was not on the agenda. Mayor Myron Bailey reported that the final vote would take place at the upcoming meeting on May 15 and asked the Public Safety Commission to hold a special meeting the night before to once again determine a recommendation.

The commission debated the ordinance last year and recommended that fowl be illegal to keep on residential property.

"To be very clear," Bailey said, "this is a policy decision. We can ask for all this data but we have to make a decision to either allow or not allow chickens and ducks. We owe everyone involved a decision versus dragging this along further. It will be a separate item and it will not be on the consent agenda."

The vote will take place during the council's regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. May 15.