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St. Paul Park's Rustin-Westphal competes in Winter Carnival's Klondike Kate contest

Kathy Rustin-Westphal of St. Paul Park performs during the 2013 Klondike Kate contest. Bulletin photo by Scott Wente2 / 4
St. Paul Park's Kathy Rustin-Westphal sings during the Klondike Kate contest Wednesday, Jan. 9, in Oakdale. Bulletin photo by Scott Wente3 / 4
Kathy Rustin-Westphal of St. Paul Park (center) looks on as fellow finalist Anita Elizabeth Mack (right) is named Klondike Kate for 2013. Bulletin photo by Scott Wente4 / 4

Kathy Rustin-Westphal wanted the name Kate.

Rustin-Westphal, of St. Paul Park, vied Wednesday for the title of Klondike Kate of 2013, the vivacious dance-hall-style singer in the St. Paul Winter Carnival celebration.

A Cottage Grove native and Park High School graduate, Rustin-Westphal was one of three finalists in the Klondike Kate contest at the Prom Center in Oakdale, but came up short of receiving the title and sash. She competed in 2012 as well.

"It's so much fun," she said. "The Klondike Kates do so much." They appear at Winter Carnival events as well as civic events, parades and fundraisers throughout the year.

Klondike Kate is a tribute to a sassy, Goldrush-era dance hall singer. A new Kate has been chosen for the Winter Carnival annually since 1971. This year the title went to Anita Elizabeth Mack of St. Paul.

Klondike Kate contestants sing songs, answer questions and interact with the crowd during the contest.

This year's St. Paul Winter Carnival will be Jan. 24-Feb. 3.

Scott Wente

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