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Lock doors, St. Paul Park police warn, after string of car break-ins

More than a dozen reports of vehicle break-ins or attempted break-ins in less than a week has St. Paul Park police warning residents to take precautions against would-be thieves.

Most of the 14 reported incidents of vehicle break-ins or vehicle tampering since June 30 have involved automobiles left unlocked overnight, said St. Paul Park Police Chief Mike Monahan.

Thieves are taking "whatever's available," he said, including change, CD's and cigarettes.

"Make sure the vehicle is locked and there aren't any valuables left in sight," he said.

Police said all of the recent incidents have occurred in an area of the city bound roughly by the BNSF and Canadian Pacific railroad tracks to the west, Hastings Avenue to the east, 7th Avenue to the north and Pullman Avenue to the south.

Monahan urged anyone with information to call (651) 459-9785.