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Snow clearance on Newport trails slow going

Newport Public Works crews have plowed a portion of the city's trails since the major blizzard that struck the area last weekend, but deep, drifting snow has slowed efforts, the city's public works supervisor said Friday.

The pair of pedestrian bridges that cross Highway 61 are already clear, as is the trail along 7th Avenue on the west side of the highway, said Public Works Supervisor Bruce Hanson.

"That was my concern: getting people across the highway," Hanson said. "That's why we did those first."

Crews will continue to work on clearing the Hastings Avenue trail up to Loveland Park, he said, as well as the Glen Road crossing and Bailey Road trail.

"The snow is over the top of the blower," Hanson said. "That's what's taking so long."

Hanson also said the city's outdoor ice rinks at Loveland Park and Lions Park were set to open this weekend. It's the earliest the rinks have opened in memory, he said.