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Who's running?

Tuesday marked the filing deadline for local elections in the state of Minnesota. Here are the candidates who have filed for city council races in Cottage Grove and Newport, where two seats each are up for grabs.

Cottage Grove

- Angela Chambliss

- Tanweer Janjua

- Pat Rice (incumbent)

- David Thiede

- Derrick Lehrke

Note: Tom Dippel had announced his candidacy, but announced last month on his Website he would not seek a seat on the city council.

Incumbent Mark Grossklaus said this spring he would not seek a third term on the council.


- Steven Gallagher

- Corb Hopkins (incumbent)

- Anthony Mahmood

- Katy McElwee-Stevens

- Tracy Rahm

- Tom Stettner

- Ernie Berget

Note: Incumbent councilwoman Pauline Schottmuller said she will not seek a fourth term on the city council. Hopkins was appointed to his seat in Jan. 2009 to fill the seat left vacant when Tim Geraghty won the 2008 mayoral election in the middle of his council term.