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City recognized for 'Dirty Jobs'

The city of Cottage Grove was recognized by the League of Minnesota Cities as a city of excellence for its "Dirty Jobs" segment of Cottage Grove Spotlight, which is shown on local cable access.

The show was an effort by the city to put a human face on the vital jobs done by city employees on a daily basis by producing a cable television segment called "Dirty Jobs," according to a press release.

The program's concept pays homage to the Discovery Channel's popular television show with the same name, the press release says.

Featured jobs have included an icy rescue from a partially frozen pond, trimming trees 40 feet above ground while dangling from a bucket truck and athletic field maintenance, a city press release says.

To watch the show, use the link to the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission's video on demand page, then go to "SWCTC Programming," and then "Cottage Grove Spotlight."