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City to share inspector

After turning down the proposal to share building inspection services with Cottage Grove last year, the St. Paul Park City Council reversed its decision and approved the move on March 15.

"Several things have changed since last year; the new proposal is slightly different," said St. Paul Park city administrator Kevin Walsh.

St. Paul Park residents will still come to their own city hall for a building permit, Walsh said. Also, the city's former building inspector Metro West does most of its business on the other side of the metro area. "It isn't cost effective for them to work in St. Paul Park anymore," he said, "especially since it lost Newport as a client."

Newport agreed to share building inspection services with Cottage Grove earlier this year.

Walsh said the amount of cost savings will depend on the number and value of permits granted throughout the year. "The cost of a permit to build a deck is considerably less than that for building a new house."

He expects the new arrangement to begin in late April. The Cottage Grove City Council will consider the agreement at its April 7 meeting, according to Cottage Grove city administrator Ryan Schroeder.