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Census help at libraries

Washington County will assist with the 2010 U.S. Census, by offering locations for census materials and for census staff members to work.

The decennial U.S. Census, which will begin in March, is the basis on which federal funds are distributed and on which representation in the United States Congress is determined.

Anyone who does not receive a questionnaire in Minnesota may request one from the Questionnaire Assistance Center or directly from the Census Bureau. From March 19 through April 19 five branches of the Washington County Library will serve as "Questionnaire Assistance Centers" where census workers will assist people in completing the forms.

The assistance will be particularly important for people who receive mail at a post office box since census forms will not be sent to them. At the centers, they will be able to get a form as well as seek assistance. Exact hours are yet to be determined. The Park Grove Branch Library in Cottage Grove and the R.H. Stafford Branch in Woodbury will both have assistance centers.

Census 2010 is putting forth a major effort to encourage residents to send back census forms, to make an accurate count, and to reduce the costs of census workers being required to make personal visits to homes. To track the rate of mail-in responses, the census has created a Web site to track mail-in responses. Track the mail-in response at

The Census forms will be delivered in the regular mail in March. The post office will not forward any of the Census questionnaires. More information may be found at