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Resident writes book on management

Cottage Grove resident John Graci said he wants managers who blame their employees for lack of motivation to look in the mirror and ask what they might have done to cause the situation.

"The leader creates the environment where you're going to make those choices to work faster, harder and smarter," said Graci, a leadership speaker and management consultant. "As you apply the fundamentals of leadership ... employees naturally will make choices that you are fond of."

Graci wrote a book on the subject, published last fall, titled "The Buck Stops with You." He said it was inspired by his experience speaking to groups of managers through Plymouth-based Employers Association Inc.

"There came a point in time where I just couldn't take it anymore," he said. "I saw a lot of bad managers out there who felt entitled to motivated employees."

Graci's book lays out techniques, in down-to-earth language, for creating a better work environment, he said.

" I knew I had something that I really liked when the first person to look at this book said there's not enough academia in there, you need some charts you need some graphs," he said. "I'm not a big advocate of theory and philosophy."

Graci has been speaking, coaching and consulting on management for about 12 years he said.

Before that, he was "a solution without a problem," he said. He had worked in a variety of fields, including a stint as an announcer for KLBB radio. He loved to speak to groups of people, but didn't have a subject matter to focus on.

"I like to work with people. I like to talk with people. I just needed something to talk about," he said.

As he started familiarizing himself with Employers Association and he, "fell in love with the material." He now gives about 80 speeches per year and does consulting work.

Graci said he spent about three weeks writing the book, and published it through iUniverse.

Graci's book, "The Buck Stops with You" is available on

Scott Wente

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