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Schottmuller says she won't run in 2010

Pauline Schottmuller, in the midst of her third term on the Newport City Council, said Thursday she would not seek reelection in 2010, a decision she intimated was the culmination of her turbulent 11th year on the city's governing body.

Schottmuller -- whose father, Basil Loveland, served 22 years as the city's mayor -- announced her intention to sit out the next election cycle during a contentious budget hearing not unlike numerous meetings this year for the, at times, tempestuous Newport City Council.

On the council since winning her seat in 1998, Schottmuller considered the move for roughly a year, she said, after the 2008 election swept three-fifths of the former council from office.

"The first 10 years (on the city council) was just the best time," Schottmuller, 56, said after Thursday night's meeting. Pausing, she added: "But since the fall election it's been a slog and it's time to move on."

Schottmuller and Mayor Tim Geraghty, political adversaries for the more than decade they've spent together on the city council, have clashed often. The battles have grown more frequent as the balance of council power shifted last year.

Geraghty was blunt when asked about Schottmuller's departure from the council at the end of 2010.

"Will I miss her?" he said. "No."