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Brunnette, Adou retain seats, Kemper, Johnson join school board

David Kemper, Tracy Brunnette, Laurie Johnson and Marsha Adou were elected to seats on the School District 833 board, according to the unofficial results on the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site.

Ten candidates sought the four seats.

Kemper lead with 1,614 votes. Tracy Brunnette is second with 1,579.

Laurie Johnson is third among vote-getters with 1,453 votes.

Only 35 votes separated Marsha Adou, the fourth top vote-getter with 1,391, and Edward Nowak.

Brunnette said she's glad to be returning for another term.

"I'm still excited to be on the board," she said from Ohio where her son, Ben, a college student, just had a successful knee surgery.

"I watched the election results on my computer," she said. "We've done so many awesome things as a district. I'm anxious to move forward. I'm so proud of what we do. People in other districts ask me what we are doing to be so successful."

Board member Marsha Adou said she is relieved to have been re-elected even if by a slim margin.

"I just keep plugging along and trying to make a difference," she said. "In these economic times, we need to watch the taxpayers' dollars. We're entrusted with educating 17,000 students. It's a big responsibility."

Johnson said she was surprised to learn she had won a board seat.

"It's very exciting," Johnson said while she held a low-key celebration at home with a family that is suffering from a seasonal flu bug. "No one could be any more surprised than me to see the totals show up the way they did."

Johnson said she may have caught cold from all the door-knocking she did the last few weekends.

"As long as there was some light and it wasn't sleeting, I was out there, so it's very gratifying to know that it was time well invested. Even if we are a little under the weather."