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Seasonal weed spraying starts

The annual chemical spraying of approximately 220 miles of rural Washington County roadsides is scheduled to begin on July 13 and continue for at least two weeks. The objective is to control noxious weeds and brush.

The chemicals Telor and Tordon 101 are commonly used on roadsides and utility right-of-ways and are the chemicals the county will be using. Guidelines used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that in tests with birds and animals, doses of these chemicals are non-toxic in quantities far greater than used by the county. In addition, the tests have shown that livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep or swine cannot consume enough treated foliage to cause physical harm.

If your property abuts a county road and you do not wish to have your property sprayed, please use the following procedure to omit spraying:

Prior to July 13, any property owners not wishing to have the right-of-way adjacent to their land sprayed, should go to the Public Works Department at 11660 Myeron Road N. in Stillwater to pick up signs indicating "Do Not Spray." These signs are to be placed at the beginning and the end of the area that is to be omitted by the property owner from spraying by the county. Property owners will also be required to fill out a form agreeing to control weeds and brush within the area that is not to be sprayed. A legal description of the property will be needed to complete this form.

Direct all inquiries on chemical spraying to Doug R. Johnson, Washington County Public Works Department 11660 Myeron Road N., Stillwater 55082 or call (651) 430-4389. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.