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Some SPP roadwork complete, more work starting this week

Looking east from the intersection of 10th and Holley avenues. (Bulletin photo by Toni Lambert)

St. Paul Park City Council member Jeff Swenson gave an update on the 2009 Street and Utility Improvement Project at the council's June 15 meeting.

Swenson said all roads west of Lincoln, including the underground sewer and water lines, hydrants and gate valves have been completed. Concrete curbing, driveway aprons and corner radius sections are also complete.

Final road grading began this week and the first layers of bituminous were expected to follow. All driveway aprons will be backfilled and driveway use will be allowed prior to asphalting roadways.

On all the roads east of Lincoln Avenue, Xcel expected to complete its work on the gas mains and service lines by June 15 with street crews beginning roadwork by June 17.

Xcel began gas main installations along the north side of Pullman Avenue this week. Roadwork on Pullman is planned to begin by the end of June. Advance warning signs will be placed on Pullman one week prior to the start date.