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Hit and run injures Hastings woman in Walmart parking lot

A 71-year old Hastings woman was the victim of a hit-and-run in the Walmart parking lot last month.

Jan, who asked not to be identified by her last name, was leaving the store shortly after 2 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 17, and was about 15 feet from her car when a vehicle came up from behind her and hit her on her left thigh, sending her flying to the ground.

Luckily, Jan was dressed for cold weather, wearing a sweatshirt, heavy coat and boots. Otherwise, she said, she probably would have been hurt more severely. She feels lucky to have escaped with just bruises and scrapes from the collision.

As she was laying on the ground, she saw the tire of the car that hit her roll right by her head without stopping or even hesitating.

"I'm still living; I can't believe it," she thought to herself.

The collision was captured on Walmart's security cameras. Hastings Police Sgt. Rod Risch said the tape shows the car actually sped up after it hit Jan, continued up the aisle the collision occurred in, popped a curb and hit a stop sign on its way out of the parking lot.

The video did not capture the car's license plate, but it appears it was a light-colored 1980s Chrysler LeBaron. As of yet, police have been unable to track down the driver of the vehicle.

After the collision, a good Samaritan rushed to Jan's aid and helped her into her vehicle, where she waited for police and an ambulance to arrive. No one got the name of the man who helped her, but Jan and her son, Brad, wanted to thank whoever it was.

She also hopes there are people out there who saw the collision happen and might have information that could help police find whoever is responsible.

When Brad got a call from his aunt about the collision, he first thought she meant Jan got into an accident while driving. No, his aunt reiterated, Jan was walking and was hit by a car.

"I thought, 'You're kidding me,'" Brad said.

After meeting her at the scene, Brad drove Jan to the hospital, where she spent three hours in the emergency room. Doctors did several x-rays and discovered an injury to her left knee that prompted them to perform an MRI and CAT scan on it. They're going to keep a close eye on the knee injury over the next few months to make sure it improves, Jan said.

Three days after the crash, a bruise appeared on Jan's forehead, along with others elsewhere on her body.

Brad said his first reaction was only concern for his mother's health, but now that it appears she's going to be OK, he said he can't understand why someone would drive away after hitting a woman in a parking lot, and he feels sorry for whoever did it.

Brad, too, hopes that if anyone has more information on the hit-and-run, they'll contact the Hastings Police Department at 480-2300.