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Letter: Choose Bailey again, CG

As a citizen of Cottage Grove looking to make a choice of mayor for the future of the city, I began to focus on the word "choice." We (Cottage Grove) chose Myron Bailey for city council four years ago in a true election that had other candidates available. Myron was elected, not appointed as Fred Luden was. I did not see his name as a choice on the last ballot and he never had to go through the scrutiny of the Cottage Grove public and business groups. We had no knowledge of his positions until he had chances to vote or discuss proposals involving the community.

My choice, Myron Bailey, is based on his ability to see the opportunity of growth for our community, business and public organizations coming together and also his work with Strawberry Festival. He is dedicated to the city, and mostly community. Myron has the ability and time to dedicate himself to his job and the position of mayor. I would like to ask Luden why he didn't run for a council position of the city while he was working. Does this mean he was not capable of multitasking or committing himself to the community he lived in? I don't believe the negative comment of "being able to commit full time to the position of mayor" is a fair and balanced position.

My choice of Myron Bailey also is based on the fact he will listen and if you ask him about why, if voted in favor or against a proposal, you get the true facts. Spin is not in Myron Bailey's vocabulary. I am not sure about this with Luden and the ads he is spinning in the local newspaper.

In the end I am glad that I have a choice and not an appointed former executive from a corporation that still has questions to answer in many communities on the safety of the water and the people it may have affected.

Go ask Myron yourself, he has been a citizen of the community for a long time then you will get answers to make a fair and balanced choice.