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Council to consider 2009 street project

The St. Paul Park City Council will discuss whether to go ahead with its scheduled 2009 Street and Utility Improvement Project, at its regular Sept. 15 meeting.

City engineer Rick Seifert presented the proposed construction schedule to council members Aug. 19. Streets in the project would include Pullman Avenue between Chicago and Summit avenues and Aurora, McCammon, Marshall, Dayton, Selby, Laurel, Ashland, Holley and Portland avenues all between 11th and Pullman avenues.

Seifert said the estimated cost is about $2.2 million with $705,000 of that eligible for state aid. The remaining $1,495,000 would be paid by special assessments to property owners and city funds.

"The biggest question is the price of asphalt," Seifert said. "Nobody knows what will happen with the cost of oil products.

"The cost of labor is down with sewer, water and concrete all about the same."

At the Sept. 15 meeting, the council will discuss the project and decide whether to order a feasibility study.

"Most of us (City Council members) have received calls from residents asking when we were planning to do something about Pullman Avenue," said mayor John Hunziker.

"The longer we don't repair the streets, the worse they'll get," council member Steve Hunstad said. He also suggested Seifert consider the long-term design of Pullman Avenue "in light of future development of Rivers Edge and to take into consideration the recommended trail and bike paths as outlined in the proposed 2008-30 Comprehensive Plan.

Hunstad wants designers to use traffic calming and safety designs on the streets around Pullman Elementary School and a turn lane for the school.

If the project goes forward, Seifert said he expected bids to be opened in April. Neighborhood meetings could be scheduled in late October and early November with construction beginning in mid-June 2009.

Seifert also summarized the proposed 2011 Street and Utility Improvement Project which would include 10th Avenue between Portland and Lincoln avenues, 11th Avenue between Summit and Lincoln avenues; and Portland, Holley, Ashland and Laurel avenues all between Ninth and 11th avenues. The estimated cost is $1.4 million. None of the costs would be eligible for state aid.