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Monday night car break-in starts fire

Three teenagers admitted to breaking into nine vehicles and starting one on fire in and around the 8700 block of Ironwood Avenue in Cottage Grove Monday night, according to police.

The teens, all 16-year-olds entering their junior year at Park High School, said they tried to steal a radio from one of the vehicles, causing sparks to come from the wires, which then caused the car to start on fire, said Cottage Grove Police Capt. Pete Koerner.

The fire was reported at 11:37 p.m. Monday night.

A short while after the incident, a Newport police officer saw a car pulling out without its lights on across town, in the Meadow Grass Avenue area. The officer stopped the car, and after that the teenagers inside admitted to the previous incident, Koerner said. The stolen items were recovered from the car, and police are still determining the total value of the damage and stolen items.