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33 partiers cited for underage consumption

Hangovers aren't the only headaches facing more than 30 under-age drinkers busted by Cottage Grove Police early Sunday after the department learned of a spring break rager advertised online.

Officers cited 21 adults and 12 juveniles for underage consumption and arrested three adult males for providing booze at a "third annual spring break bash" held at a Lockridge Avenue residence that Cottage Grove police discovered posted on social networking Web site last week.

The three adults will likely be charged this week with furnishing alcohol for minors, said Pete Koerner, deputy director of public safety. They were released pending further investigation and a formal criminal complaint.

"It's a good reminder, don't buy booze for underage (kids) and that we do take a stance on it and go out there and aggressively enforce it as well," Koerner said Tuesday.

According to police, shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, patrol officers located three underage individuals who had left the party under the influence of alcohol. Those who remained at the residence on the 11600 block of Lockridge Avenue refused to answer the door when officers approached.

Cottage Grove Police then obtained a search warrant with the help of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, entered the residence and encountered between 60-75 young adults, Koerner said, issuing 33 citations.

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