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Stillwater not so still

It only took the visiting Ponies of Stillwater three minutes and 29 seconds to kick in a goal.

It only took them a half of a game to build up a 3-0 lead.

And by the end of the night, Stillwater's boys soccer team took its second win of the season by beating Park High School 5-0 Thursday night in Cottage Grove.

"They are really good," Park Coach Charlie Whitbred said. "They are a good team and we just couldn't get on track. That's the kind of team we need to aspire to be."

It was a scoreless week for the Wolfpack, which began its season with two victories before tying with Cretin-Derham Hall 0-0 last Tuesday.

But Thursday's scoreless contest resulted in the Wolfpack's first loss of the season, dropping Park to 2-1-1.

Stillwater (2-2-0) controlled the offense in the first half, pulling ahead 1-0 at 3:29 with a goal from Gene Brine -- the first of two goals Brine, a senior midfielder, scored for the Ponies.

"I didn't want them to come in and just sit back," said Stillwater coach Phil Johnson. "I wanted them to be aggressive to every ball, and that's what we were."

Stillwater led 3-0 at the half, but Park saw several more touches in the second half and made runs at the net

it didn't have in the opening period.

The Ponies, though, still fired in two more goals before the end of the contest -- one from senior forward Nick Wrobel and another from Brine.

"We just came out knowing we had to work hard against these guys," Stillwater captain Kevin Hooley said. "They're a really hard working team."

Hard work and experience hasn't been a problem for this year's senior-dominated Park team.

What hurt the Wolfpack last week was silent, but deadly.

"We didn't communicate," Whitbred said. "That's the whole problem with this team. They've been too quiet for two years. We had guys running into each other going for balls -- those are little things that shouldn't happen.