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Residents want to secede from Cottage Grove

Grey Cloud Island Township resident Dave Jasper thinks property owners have a "fundamental right" to choose their government.

Some residents on Geneva Avenue and Grey Cloud Trail in Cottage Grove think he has a good idea and half of them signed a petition circulated by Jasper.

The six people who signed Jasper's petition lived in Grey Cloud Island Township until it was annexed to Cottage Grove in the early 1980s. It was annexed because Lower Grey Cloud Island was about to become "urban in nature."

The urban development did not happen, but the residents found their property within the city.

The signers agreed to a number of "whereases" stating they want to live in a rural setting with a limited demand for services.

They find their desires not best served by the City of Cottage Grove's ordinances, zoning and plans, and that the Township of Grey Cloud Island is a more compatible government.

"The area doesn't fit well with Cottage Grove," Jasper said. "Several people were flattered that I asked."

The Grey Cloud Island Town Board accepted the petition, but did not respond to the possibilities raised.

According to the Office of Administrative Hearing and Minnesota Boundary Adjustments, property of more than 40 acres can be detached from a city if 75 percent of the residents agree.

The hitch is the City of Cottage Grove would have to agree to it.

Judy Spooner
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