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Tree trimmer releases video that he says backs up his point

Mike Haege, the Hastings tree trimmer who was kicked out of the tornado zone in north Minneapolis recently, released cell phone video this week that he says backs up his story.

Haege has said that a city inspector and police kicked him out of the disaster zone because he wasn't licensed and because they didn't believe he was doing the work for free.

The City of Minneapolis has said the reason he was removed from the area was because he was operating in zones that were unsafe and hadn't been cleared of downed power lines.

Haege was later fined by the city for trimming trees without a license.

Haege admits he was not licensed to trim trees in Minneapolis, but thought that since he had signed up to volunteer with Urban Homeworks that the licensing matter was moot.

The video shows a streetside meeting with police, who are seen telling Haege and another man that they are being removed because of a licensing matter.