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Newport and St. Paul Park team up for movie night

The St. Paul Park Parks and Recreation Commission is working with the Newport Masons to extend their movie-in-the-park program further into the fall.

The movie, which is scheduled for Sept. 24 at 7 p.m., will be shown in the Masonic building using the parks’ movie equipment. The movie night is welcome to both St. Paul Park and Newport residents. The film has not been chosen yet.

Council member Jennifer Cheesman said the Masons hope to help “demystify” themselves by helping with this event, as well as provide a public service.

“A bulk of the work they do is based solely on volunteerism, something the Parks and Recreation Commission also does,” said.

The movie night is extending the partnership the two programs have had with each other over the summer, when the Masons served drinks and refreshments at St. Paul Park movie nights.

Cheesman said that if the movie night in September is successful, the partnership could go forward with a Halloween movie night and movie nights into next year.