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Volunteers build 'good neighbor' raingarden

There's a new raingarden at All Saints Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove that took nearly 10 weeks and more than 280 volunteer hours to install.

"The church has needed a raingarden in the southeast corner of the parking for years," said Pastor Jules Erickson. "When it rained, water pooled in that corner and sometimes overflowed into a neighbor's back yard and seeped into their basement.

"And, it works," Erickson said. "With all the rain we've had recently, there has been no overflow."

Installation of the raingarden -- roughly 100-by-80 feet -- began in June and was completed Aug. 15, according to Erickson.

She said neighbor Pat Conway donated his Bobcat for nearly a week to allow Ev Wright to excavate the site. "More than 50 yards of dirt was removed," Erickson said.

Thirty yards of compost was tilled into the garden soil and 30 yards of mulch placed around plants. Three and a half tons of rock was used in and around the garden. More than 1,000 plants were planted, 777 of which were donated by Bailey's Nurseries. Outback Nursery, Tennis Sanitation, Rumpca Excavation and Hedberg Aggregate gave discounts on plants, containers, mulch, compost and rock, according to Erickson. Diane Fredrickson, a Master Gardener, wrote the original grant to the South Washington Water Shed District to subsidize the $7,200 project.

All Saints Lutheran Church is located at 8100 Belden Blvd., in Cottage Grove. For details, call (651) 459-1117.