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Pure Chiropractic realigns Gateway District

Cottage Grove City Council member Jen Peterson helps Dr. Katie Gravesen (left) and Dr. Karyn Ekelin cut the ribbon Wednesday, officially opening Pure Chiropractic in the Gateway Business District on East Point Douglas Road and 80th Street. Bulletin photo by Emily Buss1 / 2
Instead of wasting valuable rehab time in a waiting room, patients at Pure Chiropractic will get right to work on wobble cushions, which help loosen the spine and back discs. Bulletin photo by Emily Buss2 / 2

After her successful startup chiropractic business in Prescott, Wis., got off the ground in 2001, licensed chiropractor Dr. Katie Gravesen expanded her knowledge of the human body into a second office in Red Wing and now a third clinic in Cottage Grove.

Dr. Gravesen enlisted the help of licensed chiropractor Dr. Karyn Ekelin, who has worked in the Prescott, Wis., clinic for more than two years, to run the new Cottage Grove location, which celebrated its opening in a Gateway District office suite with a June 26 ribbon cutting.

"The biggest thing that sets us apart is that patients coming in here will be helped with all aspects of their health," Gravesen said. "We want to take their health to new levels."

The clinic, Gravesen said, will specialize in spinal correction in patients of all ages. When patients first walk into the clinic, instead of wasting valuable rehabilitation time sitting in a waiting room, they will get right to work on either the wobble cushions or one of the several standing cervical tractors.

"You don't go work out without warming up first," Ekelin said. "The wobble cushions warm up and loosen the spine and back discs, and the standing cervical tractor strengthens the curve in the neck and retrains the neck muscles to be more flexible."

Ekelin said more younger patients coming in for spinal adjustments are reporting neck pains from straining muscles, which she said is often the result of spending too much time looking down at cellphones and other electronic devices.

Other services offered will be manual spinal adjustments and drop-table adjustments, which is a less aggressive form of spinal realignment. Ekelin said the clinic will also have an ArthroStim, a non-invasive, handheld device that eliminates the sometimes feared popping and cracking of traditional realignments.

Along with traditional chiropractic care, patients will also receive nutritional counseling, a wide variety of corrective exercise, lifestyle advice and spinal and postural screenings.

"This is a place that our patients will come to be fixed, not to put a Band-Aid on something," Gravesen said. "We want people to understand what health really is and how to manage it."

Pure Chiropractic is located at 7145 East Point Douglas Road, Suite 150.

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