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Bulletin letters to the editor

Enjoy trees but recognize potential danger

I thought you might be interested to hear about an incident that happened Friday, July 27.

It was around 1 p.m. on a calm, quiet and warm day when we were returning home from doing some errands. As we were driving up to our driveway a huge tree limb fell from a tree in our front yard. This was no ordinary or small tree limb as it measured 6 feet 10 inches around and was about 24 feet long. It completely blocked our driveway and all of Fourth Street and even reached into the front yard of the apartment across the street from our home.

We drove to the St. Paul Park Public Works building to report it. The workers followed us back to our house and called in more workers to help with the clean-up. It took over an hour for this tree to be removed from the road and the yards that it had landed in.

I want to make people aware that these trees that we sometimes take for granted have potential to be very dangerous. This tree limb missed crashing into our vehicle by about five seconds.

Karen Riske

St. Paul Park

City, school district have spending problems

Francisco Gonzalez ("Peterson knows need to invest in community," Aug. 8 viewpoint) talks about a community and suggests that Dave Dunn ("Peterson's record includes 'total disregard' for citizens," July 18 letter) is not about community. Personally I prefer to be part of the community that Dunn belongs to.

I seldom agree 100 percent with anyone, including my husband, but I felt much more in line with Dunn than I did with Gonzalez opinions of him and the community that he and I would like to see.

Sorry, Jen Peterson, but my vote is not in your favor. I agree with Dunn that the new City Hall should have been voted on. I agree that the police station needed to be bigger and needed improvements. City Hall had just made improvements.

Gonzalez talks about the beautiful Historic Courthouse in Stillwater. This seems like a good reason for City Hall to stay put or move into the empty real estate building on the corner of 80th Street and Harkness Avenue.

I am trying to understand how the new construction did not raise taxes and yet taxes will go up next year. The other thing I am trying to understand is City Administrator Ryan Schroeder saying we need a survey to decide if a new pool is a need or a want. The splash pad and the Lifetime Fitness swimming pool would cover that.

So Gonzalez talked about this huge expense as the reason a vote was not taken before the construction of a new City Hall but they are going to waste money doing a survey about whether a swimming pool is a need or a want?

My final criticism is for our District 833 School Board members, excluding Jim Gelbmann. Most of these members hired Mark Porter and they paid him a big salary because he was "worth it" as he had been a lawyer for the district. So they fired him because of communication problems and had to pay him after they fired him. Ouch. Hopefully they are all working for only $1 to help the district recoup the money they threw away with his firing and payout.

Esther Lenartz

Cottage Grove

Local businesses chip in for cause

I was a volunteer lately for a benefit for a young man facing a serious health challenge. My job was to collect donations and place fliers in local businesses in Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park.

The businesses that I targeted were all generous beyond my expectations. I want to thank the following businesses whose generosity was much appreciated: Bailey's Nursery, Rainbow Foods, Great Clips, Shamrock Liquor, MGM Liquors, Cottage Barbers, Fantastic Sams, Selvig Jewelers, Rocco's, Mister Car Wash, Zywiec's Landscaping and Greenhouse, Carbone's Pizzeria, New Century Salon, Von Hanson's, Cub Foods, Domino's Pizza, Linn Companies, Ed's Trophies, American Motorsports Bar and Grill. Also, a huge thank you to Broadway Bar and Grill for hosting the benefit.

When you are in the position of asking for donations, it is usually the small locally owned establishments that are receptive to your situation and help out with whatever they can afford. It isn't the large conglomerates or out-of-the-area businesses that will help you. Remember this when you are shopping; keep your money in your own community. It not only helps them but helps all of us as well by keeping the money in our own town.

Bobbi Tannahill

Cottage Grove