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Letter: Luden can lead

We are all aware of the challenges the city of Cottage Grove is facing. Keeping this in mind, we have looked at what would be needed to successfully lead Cottage Grove in meeting these challenges and then compared the resumes of the two candidates running for mayor. Education, experience, success in business, fiscal responsibility, community service and leadership are all important. In all these areas, Fred Luden has proven himself. Overall, character is critical. We believe Fred truly listens to the people and treats everyone with dignity and respect. In addition, being retired he has the time to devote to the job of being mayor.

Please do not base your vote on what signs you see the most or the name you are most familiar with. Our support of Luden and placement of his sign resulted in vandalism in our yard, which included damage to our vehicle and our Luden campaign sign being pulled from the ground, broken and thrown across the yard. We believe we have chosen to support the best all-around candidate. Given all of these considerations, we are definitely supporting the right candidate for Cottage Grove mayor, Fred Luden.