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When will Schoen, DFL stop taxing?

An article in the Feb. 5 Bulletin (“Schoen bill would boost EMS, trauma funding”) highlighted DFL Rep. Dan Schoen's bill to raise $20 million for trauma centers. He intends to pay for this by charging every auto insurance premium an additional $10 a year.

A few months ago, Schoen had a viewpoint in the Bulletin boasting how proud he was that the DFL-controlled Legislature's policies that he voted for resulted in a $1 billion surplus. As you recall, before that session there was a looming $700 million budget deficit. What’s the DFL-controlled Legislature's solution? Raise taxes by $2.2 billion.

It is sad that all DFL politicians have an insatiable appetite for tax revenue, and are addicted to spending more and more taxpayer money. Why can't Schoen and his DFL cohorts who control the state take $20 million from the surplus and fund the needs of the trauma centers? As a middle-class taxpayer, I'm tapped out. Please put an end to all the new taxes.