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Vonn has athletic skills, but lacks character

I am pleased that we have a family-oriented news source directed toward happenings in our community, and Lindsey Vonn is a Minnesotan and an Olympian. However, her character as a “role model” is definitely “a part she played.” The Greek word “hypokrites,” from which we get the word “hypocrite.” It’s defined as “a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion.”

I showed this article (“Minnesota Nice,” Oct. 9) to my son and grandson and said, “Do you know anything about her character? She’s linked with Tiger Woods, an avowed sex addict, and she’s been divorced, too. She is beautiful and a great athlete but I would be very grieved if you choose a woman with her lack of character.”

My prayer is the children who look to Lindsey Vonn as anything but an excellent athlete (as is her paramour) would never emulate their spiritual choices. Ask any divorced person if they went through the death of a marriage totally unscathed.